Company Profile

L.A.M. Productions: Dedicated to the creation of original art - to entertain, enlighten and inspire.


L.A.M. Productions is a Scottish Production Company. Founded in January 2004 to produce artist Linda Ann McConnell's artistic works for international distribution.

Since then the company has expanded and are now producing diverse art works - both traditional and experimental for the entertainment and education sectors.

As a small independent company, the creative team provide a unique bespoke service from creation and development to production. The company's multi-media portfolio includes: Literary art, performance art and the visual arts - Books, film, exhibitions, theatre shows, film premieres, music and fundraising events for leading organisations, charities and companies.

As the company grows, it remains true to its vision of providing original art in a variety of media, appealing to a broad range of age groups.

We look forward to working with companies and individuals who share our mandate.

Throughout our history we have always tried to play a creative and positive role in community life. Our work has gained us the reputation for the very best in quality on an international scale.