A few months before Elvis Presley died he asked, “I wonder if I’ll ever be remembered?” In response, Scottish artist Linda Ann McConnell created ‘The Memphis Lullaby.’ A conceptual art tribute in memoriam of Elvis Aaron Presley encompassing Music, Film, Theatre, Literature and Art.

He was the first man I ever loved…

His voice was the first poetry I had ever heard. His music was the first I had ever danced too. His song was the first I ever sang too. I was five years old when I first saw him in Aloha from Hawaii. The way I remember my first memory: He was dressed in white, enshrined in a cape of diamonds and he carried a crown. I was mesmerized, I had never seen anyone so beautiful and I thought he was an angel. I was enchanted and have held him in reverence every since. His name was Elvis Aaron Presley.

As I walked around Graceland one August day I felt a presence, like Elvis Presley was serenading me with a gentle refrain, similar to a lullaby. Although the lullaby originated in Memphis I still hear and feel its music everywhere - a symphony composed of love, light, hope, colour, beauty and joy. Its melody made me realise that dreams can come true. The harmonies remind me that memories are never forgotten and true love will never die. In homage I created a tribute - I composed a poem that became a song I called it, The Memphis Lullaby which seems like a fitting epitaph to this extraordinary man who worried that he would never be remembered. I believe, if you listen to his voice- his music says it all. Over three decades later, his voice still resonates and so do the dreams it carried.

Elvis was the soundtrack of my happy childhood. As a new artist he became my first source of inspiration, I have found no greater muse. I only intended to write a poem, but it has evolved through a power higher than me. I embraced serendipity, gratitude and the kind words from all over the world that kept me on this journey. I created my tributes to honour Elvis Aaron Presley, as my small way of saying thank-you to the man that captured my heart as a child and in whom I found my music. The Memphis Lullaby became a love song, to him. I hope I made him proud, because he was the first man I ever loved.

I still remember that dark August day but, to me, The Memphis Lullaby will be Always.

Linda Ann McConnell, 16 August 2012, Glasgow, Scotland.

Within the Lullaby:
The Memphis Lullaby book. The Film Elvis, How Great Thou Art: A Portrait of the Artist. The Single/Soundtrack to film.
If I Can Dream... radio play. The Memphis Lullaby album. The Dreamer book. The Dreamer digital package for schools.

“The whole Memphis Lullaby is a work of art and a labour of love. Being able to experience The Memphis Lullaby by Linda Ann McConnell is truly a gift. Her love for Elvis shines through in every word, note and picture. Give yourself a gift and experience this for yourself.”

Joe Petruccio, Official Artist of Elvis Presley Enterprises and Muhammad Ali Enterprises.