“I really think that Elvis would have loved this tribute.’The Memphis Lullaby has a deep, almost haunting melodic quality that touched me deeply. After I first heard it, it grabbed me and wouldn't let go: I had to listen to it several more times. Seems I just can't get enough. I'm so impressed with your music and voice. I am proud of you.”
Larry Geller, Elvis friend. America

“The songs on, 'The Memphis Lullaby' CD are really good. I wish you good luck with the songs.”
D.J. Fontana. Elvis' original drummer. America

“I like your voice a lot. YOU should do the songs. You are very good. I love the timbre of your voice.”
Terry Blackwood, Elvis’ Imperials

“B.E.A.UTIFUL… I love it.”
Lee Dawson, Presenter, Elvis-express radio. England

“I had tears in my eyes at the lovely voice singing, "The Memphis Lullaby." It’s lovely to listen to such a sincere tribute from a very talented person.”
Anne E Nixon, Contributor, Elvis Official International Fan Club. England

“The Memphis Lullaby' single is good, strong voice, strong songs. If you want one... I think you will get a record deal.”
Billy Sloan, Music Journalist and Radio Clyde DJ. Scotland

“The Memphis Lullaby - Very good material -high quality both lyrically and melodically. Always - A lovely song, with some nice melodic segments and very strong lyrics. An excellent vocal performance.”
International Songwriters Association. Ireland

“Linda Ann McConnell further establishes her diverse range of talents by writing and singing the song "The Memphis Lullaby" which is presented over the closing credits of the film "Elvis, How Great Thou Art: A Portrait of the Artist." This is a beautifully sung tribute to Elvis, which, with its poignant lyrics and lilting melody, will appeal to many fans.”
Nigel Patterson, President, Elvis Information Network. Australia

“I received my CD on Saturday and I have been playing it ever since. I have had the book for sometime now and love it, so I was thrilled to be able to purchase the music. I am a huge fan of Elvis and I can honestly say this is one of the best tributes I have ever heard. I have been to Graceland three times and listening to the haunting strains of the lullaby I am right back there. Beautiful, beautiful music and Linda Ann's voice is magical.”
Lorraine Benison. England

“The Memphis Lullaby CD must have been a labour of love for the artist, it really shows. The lyrics are poetically beautiful and the arrangement is original and very refreshing, you can get truly lost in the sound. Highly recommended.”
Tony Stuchbury. England

“This is a wonderful debut and must be congratulated for the performance and presentation of the songs. The vocals compliment the backing and enhance what is a great achievement. I thought the music was very appropriate and a fine tribute to Mr. Presley.”
Thomas Shannon, Elvis Presley Film Society. Scotland

“Linda Ann McConnell's song, 'The Memphis Lullaby' takes you on a personal journey. It’s a haunting melody and a truly heartfelt lyric of one fans thoughts walking through Graceland. She hears him singing Gospel; he wipes away her tears...Just great insight into the man that was Elvis Presley. Having toured Graceland myself many times I can relate to this song. I think any fan could. Linda Ann hears a symphony composed of colour, the colour that was Elvis’ life and achievements. I think every Elvis fan or admirer should own this song and buy this single. It rates as one of the best tribute records ever written. No fan should be without it in their collection and on their play list.”
Tony King. America

“The Memphis Lullaby is beautifully written.”
Maureen Baxter. England

“Nice tribute, Elvis would have been moved by it too.”
Amy Beth, Singer, Songwriter. England

“Linda Ann McConnell's The Memphis Lullaby originated as a poignant book which was followed by an equally poignant film and in January 2007, a single. Coinciding with the 32nd anniversary of Elvis' passing, Linda Ann has complemented these with a passionate 14 track album. Using the band name Whitehaven, Linda Ann has drawn on her emotional connection to Elvis and his music to write, sing and produce one of the finest tribute albums you will ever hear. Resonates with class and distinction. Like Elvis, Linda Ann has an amazing vocal flexibility and the ability to explore and inhabit different genres during her musical odyssey. Linda Ann's crystal clear singing is equally engaging and impressive....”
The Memphis Lullaby Nigel Patterson, President Elvis International Network. Australia (Read full review)

“I like your voice.”
Francis Rossi, Singer/Guitarist Status Quo. England

“You are one amazing Lady. The songs are beautiful. Your voice is beautiful. The art that goes with the songs is amazing. It’s a total package. The whole Memphis Lullaby is a work of art and a labour of love. You can see and feel your love for Elvis in every word, note and picture! Beautiful. Thank you for choosing me to share this with.”
Joe Petruccio, Official Artist of Elvis Presley Enterprises. America

“Linda Ann McConnell has drawn on her passion for the music and career of Elvis Presley as the foundation for an impressive debut album. It’s no surprise her sound has been embraced by the fiercely protective 'Elvis community'. Great voice.
Great songs. The King would have been proud of her.”
Billy Sloan, Showbusiness Editor, The Sunday Mail, Radio Clyde DJ. Scotland

 “Delta Sun" Whitehaven: 'Tribute songs come in many incarnations, some of them mawkish and overdone. On "Delta Sun," a religiously delivered homage to Elvis Presley, writer-singer Linda Ann McConnell manages to sidestep that pitfall by looking at the whole of the city that spawned him. She and her earnest band, Whitehaven, weld a gospel heart to the jangly lure of pop and the melodic ease of country. In doing so, they conjure the spirit of Presley's '70s musical amalgamation. Don't miss the sampling of his spoken vocal, which in effect makes the King Linda Ann's soulful backup singer.”
Alanna Nash, American Journalist and Biographer. America

“Linda Ann's soulful vocals shine on this outstanding tribute. From the uplifting “Delta Sun” through to the haunting “Always” the songs are written beautifully with a tender touch and great integrity. The concept is inspired and testament to the legend that is Elvis. This album has been eagerly anticipated... and is long overdue. A triumph!”
Nick Rossi, Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter. England

“Lovely songs.”
Jim Gellatly, DJ. BBC Radio. Scotland

X 100² is epic, very empathetic and sensitive with a brilliant lyrical quality while Delta Sun is dripping with Americana.”
Nathan Greaves, Manager. England

“Ethereal and passionate songs offer insight in to L.A’s conviction as an artist, leading the listener through dreamy landscapes of the Elvis mythos. The album is both original and emotional, conjuring up a very rich visual journey for the listener. You wouldn't of heard a tribute to "The King of Rock n' Roll" quite like this one before!”
Stormbox, UK.

“What a great voice you have! It is a very interesting selection of tracks – some inspired by the King!
Ninian Perry, Paragon

‘If I'm being totally honest, albums of homage - particularly those of an overly religious leaning - will sooner reach my dustbin than my stereo, so it was nice to learn that such an album can be done well'
Peter McGee, Bluesbunny Music Reviews. Scotland (Read full review)